Passage Of Compounding Safety Bill Positions Therapeuticsmd In Hormone Therapy Market

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These therapies unfortunately have severe side-effects such as cancer. The risks posed by existing over-the-counter therapies led lawmakers to propose a new bill on HRT drugs safety and efficacy. The bill proposed not allowing manufacturing and limiting distribution of compound products in large quantities unless there is shortage of drugs. Also proposed was for traditional pharmacies to be permitted to compound variations of already approved drugs only if the prescription fulfills patients’ requirements. The bill also introduced a Do Not Compound list that prohibits the compounding of certain drugs as well as FDA approved drugs that are not in shortage.
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Hormone replacement therapy may reduce pancreatic cancer risk


More research into how estrogen and progestin effect pancreatic cancer risk is needed, the researchers said. The new study involved more than 118,000 female public school professionals in California who were surveyed in 1995 to 1996 about their use of hormone replacement therapy and current or past use of oral contraceptives, and were followed until 2009. At the start of the study, 60 percent of the women were postmenopausal, 25 percent of whom were current users of estrogen-only HRT, and 33 percent of whom were current users of estrogen-plus-progestin HRT. During the study period, 323 women (0.27 percent) were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There was no link between the use of estrogen-plus-progestin HRT and pancreatic cancer risk.
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Can hormone therapy help protect the brain?

The study results can be found in PubMed under The appropriateness of recommendations for hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is a destructive surgery and with all the alternative treatment options and only 2% done for cancer, wheres the media on this subject? Another question to ponder In women whove had a hysterectomy, are any ill effects of HRT from the HRT itself or from the loss of normal ovarian function? One cannot completely replace all substances produced by the ovaries. Studies show that estrogen deficiency caused by ovary removal (oophorectomy) is associated with higher risks of heart disease, stroke, hip fracture, Parkinsonism, dementia, cognitive impairment, depression, and anxiety. If there werent so many hysterectomies being done, HRT wouldnt be needed by so many women especially long-term.
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